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Wooden Wonder
The de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito was a  British combat aircraft of World War 2. It  was known affectionately as the "Mossie" to  its crews and was also nicknamed "The  Wooden Wonder" or "The Timber Terror" as the bulk of the aircraft was made of  laminated plywood.   It was the fastest operational aircraft in the  world. Entering widespread service in 1942,  the Mosquito supported RAF strategic night  fighter defence forces in the United  Kingdom from Luftwaffe raids, most notably  defeating the German aerial offensive  Operation Steinbock in 1944. The Mosquito units supported bomber fleets and helped reduce RAF bomber losses in  1944 and 1945. The Mosquito increased  German night fighter losses to such an  extent the Germans were said to have  awarded two victories for shooting one  down.  Some Mosquitos also saw action in RAF  Coastal Command during the Battle of the  Atlantic, attacking Kriegsmarine U-Boat and  transport ship concentrations, particularly in  the Bay of Biscay offensive in 1943 in which  significant numbers of U-Boats were sunk  or damaged.
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It's a real death-or-  glory show, boys' - that  was how Group  Captain Percy Pickard  ended the briefing for  one of the RAF's most  daring and dangerous  raids of WWII codenamed 'Operation  Jericho',  during February 1944. Requested by the French Resistance  to free, or to sacrifice, up to 700  prisoners held by the Gestapo at  Amiens, 18 Mosquito FBVIs of 140  Wing were prepared at short notice to  attack the prison at low-level and high  speed, the objective being to break the walls.  Led by Pickard in Mosquito HX922,  140 Wing attacked with complete  surprise causing utter chaos inside the prison. 258 prisoners escaped through the breached walls, with 102 killed.  Warned of collateral damage, the  Resistance said death from RAF  bombs was preferable to Gestapo  torture and execution. Only two  Mosquitoes were lost, one of which  was HX922. Pickard and his navigator,  'Bill' Broadley, failed to return and are  buried at Amiens.
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