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Wings Over Dover
The pilots are, top Spit, Donald Kingaby  64 Sqn Hornchurch, nearest Spit, Wilfred  Duncan Smith 64 Sqn. (father of former  tory  leader Ian Duncan Smith) Described   by Jeffrey Quill as "One of the greatest  fighter pilots of the Second World War"  Don Kingaby was  born in Holloway,  North London, on 7  January 1920, the son  of a vicar. He joined  the R.A.F.V.R. in April  1939 after completing  his training at he was  posted in June 1940 to  266 (Rhodesia)  Squadron as a  Sergeant. In September he was  transferred to 92 (East India) Squadron  where he was to achieve great success  during late 1940 and 1941, gaining for  himself the nickname 'The 109 Specialist'.  He was awarded a DFM on 6 December  1940, a Bar to this on 29 July 1941 and a  second Bar on 11 November 1941 - the  only man to receive two Bars to the DFM.  In April 1942 he moved to 64 Squadron as a flight commander where he scored the  first kill credited to the Spitfire Mk IX, a  FW-190 being his 18th of an eventual 21  victories.
Spitfire MK IX's - 64 Sqn Hornchurch
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Many years later he and his wife  moved to the United States to join their  two daughters there, and it was in  Westfield, Massachusetts, that he died  on 31 December 1990 following a long  illness.  Wilfred  Duncan  Smith was  born in  Madras,  India  on 28  May 1914,  the son of an  officer in the Indian civil service. he  became a coffee and tea planter, but in 1936 returned to the UK to join the  RAF, he went on to be awarded a DFC  in June 1941, Duncan Smith or "Smithy" was credited  with 17 confirmed kills, two shared  kills, six probables, two shared  probables and eight damaged in aerial  combat. He was awarded the  Distinguished and Bar and the  Distinguished Flying and two Bars in  recognition of his bravery. He was the author of Spitfire into  Battle, published in 1981, a highly  entertaining account of aerial combat  in the Spitfire aircraft.
aviation art painting by terry jones - wings over dover
In 1952 Duncan Smith received a  second bar to his Distinguished Flying  Cross. His son Iain Duncan Smith revealed in  a BBC radio interview in 2001 that,  while living in America in the 1950s, his  father was "propositioned" by American actress Marilyn Monroe.
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