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Winged Victory
aviation art painting by terry jones - winged victory
This painting is based on a  passage from the novel "Winged  Victory" by V. Yeates - "Tom got one more or less in his  Aldis and went in with a long burst  turning onto it's tail. The thing reared up in  front of him in a sort of upward roll" The book is semi-autobiographical, Yeates  having served with 46 Squadron flying  Sopwith Camels in 1918 and also having lost  all his friends in the war.  Its protagonist, Tom Cundall, plans to leave  the Royal Air Force when his service is up  and live on a West Country farm with his  friends. However, by the time he is due to  leave the Air Force, all his friends have  "gone west". This leaves him a broken man.    The narrative combination of action, pathos,  humour and humility set against the huge  casualties of the RAF in 1918 makes Winged  Victory one of the classics of Great War  literature.
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V. M. Yeates - Sopwith Camel
At the time of  writing his book in  1934  Yeates was  dying of TB, he  walked out of  hospital to finish the  book. "My chief  difficulty was to  compromise  between truth and  art, for I was writing a novel that was to  be an exact reproduction of the period  and an exact analysis and synthesis of  a state of mind." "Admirable, Admirable. The finest book  on men and war I have ever read” - T.E.  Lawrence. Published by Jonathan Cape for £2 in  1934, it sold poorly, and Yeates died of  TB within 6 months. 7 years later it was  changing hands for £40 between the  RAF fighter and bomber pilots locked in  the Battle of Britain.
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