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Unsung Hero
Pup A7327 of Capt S H Pratt, 46 Sqn. Stuart Harvey Pratt was born in 1893 and  lived in London. Joining the Royal Fusiliers,  Pratt was wounded in action in France. In  June 1916 he transferred to the RFC and on completing his pilot training joined 46 Sqn to  fly Nieuport two seater’s. With his observer  he scored two victories, one of whom was  11 victory ace Ltn Hans von Keundell of  Jasta 27.   Re-equiped with the Sopwith "Pup" , Stuart  Pratt became a flight commander and  scored a further 5 victories bringing his total  score to seven. On 25 May Capt S H Pratt  scored his third victory when he sent an  Albatross down out of control as depicted in  the painting. Returning to England in June 1917. Pratt  served with No. 112 Home Defence Sqn. On  12 August he engaged a Gotha bomber  raiding England but had to break off due to  jammed guns, he was flying Pup B1773. It  was in the same aircraft he crashed during  gunnery practice at Herne Bay. Having lost
The Captain’s Skull & Cossbones - Sopwith Scout (Pup)
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his right eye and left foot in the  accident, Pratt was invalided out of the  service. In 1941 he volunteered for duty with  the RAF Volunteer Reserve as a flight  lieutenant with the Air Training Corps. Capt. Pratt's Pup A7327 featured a  skull and crossbones on it's wheel  covers. The ace scored all five of his  Pup victories in this machine between  25 May and 17 June 1917. Capt. Pratt received  just one Mention  in Despatches and was never put  forward for any decorations.
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