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Typhoon Scramble
This picture was taken at Le Fresne  Camilly in Normandy late June 1944, and  shows Flt. Lt. John Henry of 175  Squadron scrambling to his typhoon. 175  Sqn were originally based in Apuldram on  the South coast and were the first  Squadron to land in France. (Photo and  above information courtesy of Chris  Slade) The Napier Sabre-engined Hawker  Typhoon first flew in February 1940  although delivery to the RAF did not begin until September 1941 and engine and  structural problems dogged the Typhoons  early career as a low-level interceptor.  However, from 1942, the Hawker Typhoon  excelled in its role as a ground attack  strike aircraft, fitted with four 20mm  Hispano cannons and either 1,000lb of  bombs or eight rocket projectiles.
Le Fresne Camilly, Normandy - June 1944
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On D-Day, the Typhoon was the main  close support aircraft for the RAF’s  2nd Tactical Support Force (TAF) that  assisted British and Canadian troops  as they landed in Normandy. Eighteen  Typhoon squadrons flew on June 6th  1944. The Typhoon was frequently in action  as the Allies drove west across Europe  to Nazi Germany. Typhoon pilots were  instructed to maintain a ‘cab rank’ over  a battle field at a height of 10,000 feet  so that they could strike with due  immediacy as and when they were  required. A total of 3,330 Hawker  Typhoon aircraft of all types were  produced through Nov. 1945 when  production ended.
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