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The Camel
The Camel, designed by Thomas Sopwith,  was the highest scoring fighter of World  War One credited with destroying 1,294  enemy aircraft  . This single-seat fighter took its name from  the hump over the breeches of the two front  machine guns; the nickname given it by one  of the squadrons was rapidly adopted as  the types' name. It was the first British  fighter armed with two synchronised  machine guns. The Sopwith Camel was held in the same  high regard by those who fought in World  War One as the Spitfire was for those  involved in World War Two. With a superb  fighting record it is hardly surprising it was  nicknamed "The King of the Air Fighters" An agile, highly manoeuvrable biplane, the  Sopwith F.1 Camel was noted for its  tendency to kill inexperienced flyers. In the  hands of a skilled pilot of it was an extreme  dog-fighter that could out manoeuvre any  contemporary airplane with the possible  exception of the Fokker Dr.I Triplane
The King of the Air Fighters - Sopwith Camel
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The aircraft in this painting was  flown by Lt. G A  Vaughn of 17th  Aero Squadron.  He claimed two  victories with it on  22nd September  1918. Another pilot, Ltn. Fritz Noltenius of  Jasta 27 who at that time was an ace  with 12 victories. Noltenius survived  the encounter and the war finishing  with a total of 21 victories. He died in  1936 following a flying accident. The  other pilot was Karl Bauerbfeind of  Jasta 34 who was killed.   Vaughn was then himself shot down  by a pilot of Jasta 27. The Camel was  written off but he was unhurt. Vaughn  went on to finish the war with 13  victories. His biography was published  in 1980 "War flying in France". He  died in New york 1989. 
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