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Paul Albert Pierre Tarascon - Nieuport 11
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He volunteered for the French Air Service  in August of 1914. He was accepted and  received a Pilot's Brevet in December.  By  the autumn of 1916 Tarascon had shot  down eight German aircraft, and received  the Medaille Militaire and Legion  d'Honneur. Following his unit's upgrade  with SPADs, he raised his score to 12. During World War I, he became known as  "l'as la jambe de bois" (the ace with the  wooden leg). Tarascon's personal insignia  of a fighting cock had become adopted by  his squadron. Tarascon survived the war and later  became a colonel. In World War 2 he  worked with the French Resistance, and in  1955 received the Grand Croix de la  Legion d'honneur.  Paul Albert Pierre  Tarascon died on 11 June 1977 aged 94. The painting depicts Tarascon in his  Nieuport 11 whilst with Escadrille N62,  summer 1916 tackling an Albatross C.III.  Having silenced the observer (gunner) and scoring hits on the engine Tarascon  watches as the stricken aircraft raises up  out of control prior to plummeting to the  earth. With no parachutes the pilot either  jumped or went down with his aircraft. 
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Paul Albert Pierre Tarascon - also known as  the ‘Ace With The Wooden Leg.’ (8 December 1882 -11 June 1977) In 1901, at the age of 19 he entered the  military and served with the Colonial  Infantry. Interested in aviation, he began  learning to fly in 1911 but was seriously  injured in a crash, resulting in the  amputation of his right foot.