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Take Two
The Avro 504 began development in late  1912 (at A.V. Roe), first flew in July 1913,  and was in service at the start of the First  World War, serving with both the RFC and  the RNAS. The RFC used the 504 for  reconnaissance and gun spotting. In the summer of 1914, as Europe teetered  on the brink of war, the spectre of  immediate Zeppelin raids on London and  other major British towns and cities loomed  large. When Winston Churchill accepted  responsibility for the defence of London, he  realised that Zeppelins were most  vulnerable when on the ground.
Avro 504 - Attack on Zeppelin L.7
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Despite limited resources, he believed  that attack was the best form of  defence. In the final four months of  1914, the RNAS launched four  separate air attacks on Zeppelin bases  in Germany. One of the raids was carried out by  just 3 Avro 504 aircraft. The bombs were  only 20 pounds in weight, but the  Zeppelin L.7 just escaped damage and  certain destruction by 60 feet. In  addition a lucky strike on the gas plant  caused most damage, but later raids  accomplished very little.  G-ABAA is currently on static display in  the Manchester Air And Space  Museum, Manchester, England. Built in  1930 from spare parts it was used for  joy riding.
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