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The painting  depicts HMS  Sentinel (S56) an S- class  submarine of the Royal  Navy entering Msida Creek,  Malta in 1957. The S-class submarines of  the Royal Navy were  originally designed and built during the  modernisation of  the submarine  force  in
British S-class submarine in 1950’s Malta
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the early 1930s. They met the need for  smaller boats to patrol the waters of the  North Sea and the Mediterranean Sea  replacing the British H class submarines.  Due to major naval construction of the  Royal Navy during the Second World  War, however, the S class became the  largest single group of submarines ever  built for the Royal Navy; a total of 62  were constructed over a period of 15  years, with fifty of the "improved" S-class  launched between 1940 and 1945. The Sentinel was launched on July 27,  1945 and commissioned on 28 December  after the end of the Second World War.  Further modernisation was carried out  during the period 1952/1953. Visible  differences were the absence of a gun,  the removal of raised gun access tower  forward of conning tower, the addition of  a snort and the raised fairing over the  snort mast raise/lower mechanism. A  modern ASDIC dome was also fitted.  The Sentinel had a relatively peaceful  career. In 1953 she took part in the Fleet  Review to celebrate the Coronation of  Queen Elizabeth Il. She served with the  Ist S/M Squadron in Malta and was  maintained by HMS Forth which was  moored on the east side of Msida Creek,  HMS Sentinel was eventually sold for  scrap on February 28, 1962.
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