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Mitchell’s Dream
R.J. Mitchell  - 1895 - 1937. Designed by Reginald  Joseph Mitchell CBE,  The Spitfire became,  without doubt, the  most famous fighter  plane of all time.  Unfortunately Mitchell  died before the  Spitfire entered  service. “Just the bloody  stupid name they  would give it.” — R. J.  Mitchell, When he first learned of the  “Spitfire” name for his new fighter. On 4 August 1938 No 19(F) Squadron at  RAF Duxford in Cambridgeshire became  the first squadron of the Royal Air Force to  be equipped with the new Supermarine  Spitfire. The first aircraft, Sptifire K9789,  was delivered to Duxford by test pilot  Jeffrey Quill. By the end of October, the  squadron possessed just 12 Sptifires. By  the outbreak of the Second World War on  1 September 1939 the RAF had just over  300 Spitfires in service. The Spitfire's  finest hour was during the summer of 1940  when Germany launched a bomber  offensive against Britain as a prelude to
The most famous fighter plane of WWll
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 invasion. For invading forces to cross  the channel and conquer Britain, the  Luftwaffe had to knock out Britain's air  defences. So the Battle of Britain  began. Between 10 July and 31  October 1940 the opposing forces of  the Royal Air Force and the Luftwaffe  fought over the skies of Britain. The  Spitfire and the Hawker Hurricane  were ultimately successful; the  Luftwaffe failed to surpress the RAF  and the invasion was cancelled. Johnnie Johnson  - 616 Squadron. Pilot of the  Spitfire  featured in  this painting  is James  Edgar  “Johnnie”  Johnson who  shot down 34  confirmed enemy aircraft, as well as  seven shared victories, three shared  probables, ten shared damaged and  one destroyed on the ground, the  greatest number of victories against  the Luftwaffe in the entire arena of  WWII. Johnson flew many of the  Spitfire models. His favorite was the  beautiful Mark IX. 
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