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Merlin’s At Sunset
The Lancaster’s design grew out of a failed  predecessor, the Avro Manchester. While  its’ airframe offered a stable platform for  heavy bombing assignments, the  Manchester’s twin engine design was  inadequate. By upgrading to four Merlin's, the resulting  aircraft met the nation’s needs and 7,366  Avro Lancasters were built during the war,  the most of any British bomber. The first RAF squadron to convert to the  Lancaster was No. 44 Squadron RAF in  early 1942.Lancasters flew 156,000 sorties  and dropped 608,612 long tons (618,378  tonnes) of bombs between 1942 and 1945.
The Lancaster Bomber
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Just 35 Lancasters completed more  than 100 successful operations each,  and 3,249 were lost in action. The  most successful survivor completed  139 operations, and was scrapped in  1947. Lancs took part in the devastating  round-the-clock raids on Hamburg  during Air Chief Marshal Harris'  "Operation Gomorrah" in July 1943. A famous Lancaster bombing raid was  the 1943 mission, codenamed  Operation Chastise, designed to  destroy the dams of the Ruhr Valley.  The operation was carried out by 617  Squadron in modified Mk IIIs carrying  special drum shaped bouncing  bombs designed by Barnes  Wallis. The story of the operation  was later made into a film,  The Dam Busters. Also  famous was a series of  Lancaster attacks  using Tallboy bombs  against theGerman  battleship Tirpitz,  which first disabled  and later sank the  ship.
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