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Max Muller
Max Ritter von Müller (1887 - 1918) credited  with 36 victories.  Physically Müller was  small in stature, being  only 5 foot one inch tall. He joined the army  flying school at  Schleissheim on 1  December 1913 and  was a fully qualified  pilot when the war  broke out. Flying with  FA 1b as a  reconnaissance pilot he carried out several  missions. On 18 August 1914 he crashed  during take-off due to engine failure, both  Muller’s legs were broken. However, he  overcame his injuries to pull his unconscious  observer from the wreckage Upon his return  in October he was bestowed the Silver Award  of his native Bavaria's Medal for Bravery. Muller was posted to the Prussian Jasta 2 on  1 September 1916, and scored his first  victory downing a DH.2 of No. 24 Squadron,  RFC, the pilot being captured.  By the end of  1916 Muller had become an Ace and a year  after Müller had joined Jasta 2, he had an  impressive score of 27 victories and earned  the Pour le Merite. The Blue Max, as it was  better known was awarded on 3 September  1917.
Max Muller - Albatros DV 
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With several other distinguished medals  that had been awarded to him, Muller  became one of the most highly  decorated aces in the entire German air  service, second only to Manfred von  Richthofen. On 9 January 1918, whilst on a patrol  over Moorslede, Müller's flight came  across an RE.8 of No. 21 Squadron  and two SE5a fighters of No 60 Squadron,  after a lengthy battle, bullets struck his  fuel tank, fire quickly burned through the  interior panel of the cockpit, Müller, who  wasn't wearing a parachute, jumped to  his death. Müller's final victory toll included 22  enemy fighter planes among his 36  victims. He was also an ace over aces,  having downed five aces himself.  After the war, Müller was awarded the  Knight's Cross of the Military Order of  Max Joseph which conferred a  knighthood on him. The painting shows Muller flying his  Albatros DV in combat with a Spad of 23  Squadron in 1917. Though Muller  painted his aircraft in various colours it  was usual for him to include the black  comet motif.  
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