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Kicking Up A Storm
Hans-Joachim Marseille  (13 Dec 1919 - 30 Sept 1942) One of the best fighter pilots of World War II, he was nicknamed the "Star of Africa".  Marseille claimed all but seven of his  "official" 158 victories against the British  Commonwealth's Desert Air Force over  North Africa, flying the Messerschmitt Bf  109 fighter for his entire combat career.  No other pilot claimed as many Western  Allied aircraft as Marseille.  Marseille at the age of 20 he graduated  from one of the Luftwaffe'sfighter pilot  schools just in time to participate in the  Battle of Britain, without notable success.  A charming person, he had such a busy  night life that sometimes he was too tired  to be allowed to fly the next morning. As a  result, he was transferred to another unit,  which relocated to North Africa in April  1941.
Hans-Joachim Marseille - Messerschmitt Bf 109
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Under the guidance of his new  commander, who recognised the  hidden potential in the young officer,  Marseille started to improve his  abilities as a fighter pilot. Marseille  developed his own special tactics,  which differed significantly from the  methods of most other pilots. His  attack method to break up formations  resulted in a high lethality ratio, and in  rapid, multiple victories per attack. He reached the zenith of his fighter  pilot career on 1 September 1942,  when during the course of three  combat sorties he claimed 17 enemy  fighters shot down, earning him the  Ritterkreuz mit Eichenlaub, Schwertern  und Brillanten (Knight's Cross with Oak  Leaves, Swords, and Diamonds). Only  29 days later, Marseille was killed in a  flying accident, when an engine failure  forced him to abandon his fighter. After  he exited the smoke-filled cockpit,  Marseille's chest struck thevertical  stabiliser of his aircraft, either killing  him instantly, or incapacitating him so  that he was unable to open his  parachute. Günther Rall said of Marseille, "an  excellent pilot and brilliant marksman. I  think he was the best shot in the  Luftwaffe". 
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