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Hit And Run
The remarkable  Capt J T B  McCudden VC  DSO and Bar  MC and Bar MM  claimed all but  six of his 57  victories flying  the SE 5/5a  with No 56 Sqn  in 1917-18. He had previously scored five  victories in the DH 2 with No 29 Sqn in  1916-17 and a solitary Pup success with No  66 Sqn in July 1917. Having survived more than 100 offensive  patrols, he was tragically killed in a flying  accident at Marquise, in France, on 9 July  1918 when on his way to join his new unit at  Boffles. Mistakenly landing at the wrong  airfield, McCudden's engine failed shortly  after take-off, possibly due to an incorrectly  installed carburettor, and the fighter  crashed. The ace's remains were duly buried nearby  at Wavans War Cemetery in the Pas de  Calais.
Captain JTB McCudden - SE 5a
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"I consider it a patrol leader's work to  pay more attention to the main points  of the fight than to do all the fighting  himself. The main points are: (1)  arrival of more EA who have tactical  advantage, i.e. height; (2) patrol  drifting too far east; (3) patrol getting  below bulk of enemy formation. As  soon as any of these circumstances  occur, it is time to take  advantage of the SE's  superior speed over EA  scouts and break off the  fight, rally behind leader  and climb west of EA  until you are above  them before attacking  them again." James  McCudden The original of this  painting I am proud  to say is now in the  ownership of the  McCudden family.
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