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"Happy" was the personal mount of 'Naval  3's' Lloyd Breadner DSC. Five of his seven  Sopwith Pup victories were claimed in this  machine between 11 and 29 April 1917. In 1915, after paying for flight lessons at the Wright Flying School in Dayton, Ohio, Lloyd  Samuel Breadner enlisted in the Royal  Naval Air Service. In 1917, he was  assigned to 3 Naval Squadron which was  attached to the Royal Flying Corps. Flying the Sopwith Pup, he scored his  
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aviation art painting by terry jones - happy
fourth victory by shooting down a  Gotha G.III on 23 April 1917. It was the  first Gotha bomber shot down by a  British fighter over the Western Front.  Seven of Breadners final total of ten  victories were scored with Sopwith  Pups. He was released from the RAF with  rank of major in March 1919.Upon the  formation of the Royal Canadian Air  Force in 1924, Breadner was  recommissioned and served as  commanding officer of Camp Borden in  Ontario. In 1939 he went to England as  a technical advisor and was promoted  to Air Marshal in 1941. In 1943 he returned to England as air  officer commanding the R.C.A.F.  overseas. Promoted again, shortly  before he retired in 1945, Air Chief  Marshal Breadner achieved the  highest rank ever awarded in the  R.C.A.F. Suffering from ill health, he  died in a Boston, Massachusetts  hospital in 1952. He was 58 years old. 
Lloyd Breadner DSC. - Sopwith Scout (Pup)
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