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Angels & Aces - Georges Guynemer
The legendary Georges  Guynemer was France's  most beloved ace. Despite  his frail physical appearance  he took part in more than  600 aerial combats and was  shot down seven times and  survived. He provoked an overwhelming admiration in  all who fought alongside or against him. An  excellent marksman and highly skilled  pilot,he was hailed as the French Ace of  Aces. Guynemer won the hearts of  France,receiving letters from women  proposing marriage, requests from school  children for his autograph and was followed  through the streets In eight months in 1917, the fragile youth  shot down 28 planes, including a quadruple  victory on 25 May, for a total of 53 victories.  In June, after some 20 minutes in  inconclusive combat with an Albatros DV,  Guynemer noticed that his adversary’s gun  had jammed. He waved farewell and broke  off the fight, leaving his opponent six-victory  German ace Ernst Udet, so stunned and  disturbed that he had to take an extended  leave. Militarily speaking, Guynemer’s  gesture proved costly. Udet later shot down  52 more Allied aircraft, and became  Germany’s second-highest-scoring ace, and survived the war.
The legendary Georges Guynemer - Spad Xlll
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Guynemer expected to die in the  service of France. When Guynemer’s  father warned in the summer of 1917 that there were limits to human powers,  he replied, "Yes, limits that it is  necessary to exceed. So long as one has not given everything, one has  given nothing.' In early September a  tired and depressed Guynemer, visiting  his wounded squadron mate Heurtaux  in the hospital, predicted that he would  be the next to die. Two days later, on 11 September,  Guynemer disappeared over  Poelcapelle, he should not have been  flying, but he refused to stop. French  schoolchildren were told that he had  flown so high that he could not  descend. On 19 October the National Assembly  and Senate enshrined "Capt.  Guynemer, symbol of the aspirations  and enthusiasm of the army of the  nation," in the Pantheon, "whose  cupola alone has sufficient span to  shelter such wings."   The painting depicts George Guynemer in the Spad XIII in whch he was last  seen. It is the first painting in a planned  series of work under the heading of  "Aces And Angels".
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