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Far From Home
BE2e (A10817) 67 Squadron - near Gaza 1917
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No. 67 Squadron was originally  formed on 12 September 1916, when  No. 1 Squadron, Australian Flying  Corps, was renumbered at Heliopolis.  It flew a variety of types for  reconnaissance duties including the  obsolete Royal Aircraft Factory Be2.  By the end of summer 1917, No. 67's  equipment had become more  standardised and before it reverted to  the title of No. 1, AFC on 6th February  1918,  the  squadron  began  acquiring 
Bristol Fighters. The squadron  became a specialised fighter  squadron until 5th March 1919 when it disbanded. Initially the squadron’s  main role was reconnaissance,  operating both out across the Sinai  desert in search of Turkish forces, and across Egypt’s western desert to  monitor activity by the rebellious  Senussi. Increasingly, though, its  aircraft were involved in attacks  against Turkish ground forces. Lt Gerald C Stones  (observer) from Wisbech  Australia and 2Lt Joseph A  Morgon (British pilot attached  to 67 from the RFC) where  both killed 30 May 1917 flying  Royal Aircraft Factory BE2e  A1807 when their aircraft  whilst on an artillery  observation mission was  brought down by anti aircraft  fire near Gaza.