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England Not Out
The squadron was formed in February  1936. On 8th December 1938 it was  transferred to Fighter Command. It was  not equipped with fighter aircraft until  August 1939 when it received  Supermarine Spitfire Mk 1s.  In May 1940, the squadron flew sorties in  support of Operation Dynamo -  the  evacuation of the British Expeditionary  Force from Dunkirk. One third of the  squadron’s pilots were lost during a 3  day period. In the Battle of Britain, the squadron  operated from Middle Wallop, with half the  squadron operating from the forward base at Warmwell. During August 1940, the  squadron destroyed 46 enemy aircraft but nearly all the pre-war auxiliary pilots were  
609 Squadron Biggin Hill, Kent, 30 June 1941
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lost, either killed or missing. In October  1940, 609 became the first squadron to achieve 100 confirmed aerial victories. In February 1941, the squadron moved to Biggin Hill and went on to take part  in many operations over France as the  allied air forces went onto the  offensive. The painting is taken from a  photograph that shows pilots of 609  Squadron having a game of improvised cricket between offensive patrols over  France in 1941. The Squadron at that  time was equipped with the spitfire  MKv. This Spitfire iwas a presentation  machine named "The London Butcher." The most successful mount was Battle  
of Britain ace Mickey Robinson who  destroyed five Me-109s. Another ace of  609 Squadron was Sgt. Tommy Rigler  known as affectionately as "Tubby" of  his eight victories he destroyed three  Me-109s in one day, prematurely bald  he is seen here as the wicket keeper.  
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