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Czech Mate
On 15 March 1939 German  troops marched into  Czechoslovakia and the  Czechoslovak armed forces  were ordered to offer no  resistance, since any such  opposition would have been  futile. In the weeks that followed the occupation,  thousands of Czech soldiers and airmen  managed to leave Czechoslovakia, most of  them escaping to neighbouring Poland The  rapid fall of France then led to some 4,000  Czechoslovak soldiers and airmen leaving  France to sail to Britain. On 10 July 1940, the first Czech fighter  squadron 310 was quickly established at  Duxford. It became operational on 17  August and fought in the Battle of Britain. The pilot of the spitfire  featured in this painting is  Squadron Leader  František 'Dolly' Dolezal,  born on 14th September  1909 in Ceska Trebova,  Czechoslavakia. In  September 1940 he  became involved in the  ongoing fight for the  Battle of Britain with 310 Sqn and in doing  so became one of the first Czechoslovak
Sqn Ldr. Frantisek ‘Dolly’ Dolezal - Spitfire
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pilots to fly the Spitfire. Frantisek's first success came on the  5th of September that year when he  shot down a Messerschmitt Bf 109.  Two days later he destroyed a Me 110  and damaged an Heinkel 111. Further  success came on the 11th with the  destruction of a Messerschmitt Bf 109  and on the 18th with a Junkers Ju 88.   From 7th April 1942, Frantisek was the  leader of whole 310 Squadron and on  1st September 1942 he was awarded  D.F.C. for his excellent service. His first success as a commander of  the 310th Wing came on the 6thof May,  1942, when he damaged a Focke Wulf  Fw 190th . A further three victories were achieved in 1942. On  1st April 1943 he became the leader of the Czechoslovak  Fighter Wing which consisted from 310,  312 and 313 Squadrons bringing his  final success on the 3rd May 1943  when he claimed a damaged Focke  Wulf Fw 190. On 17th June 1944 Frantisek was  awarded the D.S.O. for his perfect  commanding skills. He completed 101  offensive patrols over enemy territory  with the RAF and is credited with  destroying six enemy aircraft, also four
aviation art painting by terry jones - czech mate
damaged and four probables. 310  squadron finished the war with 52.5  claims and four V-1's shot down.
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