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Arguably the most graceful and beautiful  airliner ever built, the Lockheed  Constellation celebrated its 70th birthday  in 2013. Conceived by Howard Hughes in  the late 1930’s, the Constellation  represented the ultimate in airline  performance and luxury during the 1950’s  with 856 being built for commercial and  military customers.  It was became  the  presidential aircraft for Dwight D.  Eisenhower. One of the reasons for the elegant  apperance of the aircraft was the fuselage
The Legendary Lockheed Constellation
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shape - a continuously variable profile  with no two bulkheads the same  shape. Unfortunately, this construction  was very expensive and were soon  replaced by modern jet airliners which  were mostly tube-shape, more  resistant to pressurisation changes  and cheaper to build. There are about fifty-five “survivors” of  the mass scrappings of the 1960’s and  70’s, with only C-121C's VH-EAG and  HB-RSC still airworthy at the year  2015.
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