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Cold Steel
Entering service in 1959, the MiG-21  Fishbed became the most-produced  supersonic aircraft in history. Some  11,000 MiG-21s were built, and it served  in many versions in almost 40 air forces  around the world and still serves many  nations a half-century after its maiden  flight. Designed as an all-weather interceptor,  the Mikoyan-Guryevich MiG-21 was  small, fast, and quite manoeuvrable at  certain altitudes. It proved such a  challenge for the F-4s that the United  States adopted a "dissimilar aircraft"  training program, using Northrop F-5s to  simulate the MiGs.  Seeing action during the Vietnam War,  the MiG-21 routinely battled American  aircraft and it fought against the Israelis  in the conflicts from 1960s onwards.
Mig 21 - ‘Fishbed’
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The small Fishbeds would evade radar  and ambush US formations with hit-and-  run attacks, many US jets, including the  F-4 Phantoms, were downed or forced to abort their missions. During the Cold War, the MiG-21 came  to symbolize the military might of the  Soviet Union as it squared off against  the West in conflicts from Vietnam to  Africa and the Middle East. Just like the  Kalashnikov AK-47 automatic rifle  that  epitomized Soviet power - the MiG-21  holds a place in military history.
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