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Black Flight
The arrival of the Sopwith Triplane was a  great shock to the Germans, it was faster  than the formidable Albatros DIII and could  out climb and out turn it. In just three months  “B Flight” of Naval 10 claimed 82 German  aircraft.  Better known as “Black flight” due to  their black painted fins and cowling these  “Tripehounds” were flown by Canadians. The greatest exponent of the Sopwith  Triplane was the flight commander of "Black  Flight” Raymond Collishaw  who scored 34 of  his eventual 60 victories with it. Each  Triplane had a different name painted on the  fuselage, “Black Maria” N5490 “C” was flown  by Collishaw.  “Black Sheep” N5376 “N”  FSL                 
Raymond Collishaw - Sopwith Triplane
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Gerald E Nash, “Black Roger” N5483  “R” FSL Ellis V Reid, “Black Prince”  N5487 “A” FSL William M Alexander  and “Black Death” N5466 “S” FSL  John E Sharman.   Raymond Collishaw became the first  pilot to score six victories in a day  and was noted as a great leader in  the air, leading many of his own  formations into battle. As a member of the RAF during the  Second World War, he commanded  No. 204 Group (which later became  the Desert Air Force) in North Africa.  In 1973 his memoirs  were published   "Air  Command, A Fighting Pilot's Story".  Raymomd Collishaw  died on 28  September 1976 in  West Vancouver,  British Columbia at  the age of 82.
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