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Bavarian Knight
Otto Kissenberth a  visually impaired pilot  was one of several  German aces who wore  glasses during WWI,  Bernet and Wintgens  being two other notable  aces. Born in Landshut,  Bavaria in 1893,  Kissenberth studied at  Grenoble University  and completed an engineering degree in  Munich. Kissenberth joined the German Air  Force in 1914. He was wounded whilst on a  sortie over the Vosges Mountains in March  1915. After recovering he joined another  Bavarian unit serving in Italy. Kissenberth was credited with his first three  victories on 12 October after blunting an  Anglo - French bombing raid. He downed  two aircraft on his first sortie and another on  his next one. A feat worthy of Württemberg's  Friedrich Order, Baden's Order of the  Zähringer Lion, and the Bavarian Military  Merit Order.  
Otto Kissenberth - The Bavarian Knight
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Kissenberth most often flew an  Albatros D.V with yellow and white  Edelweiss painted on its fuselage.  Credited with 20 victories his last was  scored in a captured Sopwith Camel.  Less than two weeks later, on the  evening of 29 May 1918, he was  seriously injured when he crashed the  British fighter. He was awarded the  Pour le Merit whilst recovering in  hospital. Returning to duty later that  year, he served as commanding officer  of the Schliessheim flying school until  the end of the war. In 1919,  Kissenberth was killed in a climbing  accident while mountaineering in the  Bavarian Alps.
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