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Barker On The Prowl
William George Barker  V.C. and co, 28  squadron Italian front  1918. With 50 confirmed  victories the Canadian  ace was one of the  highest scoring Pilots of the RFC/RAF. His  personal Sopwith  Camel (serial no.  B6313) was the most  successful fighter in the  history of the RAF,  Barker having used it to  account for 46 aircraft and balloons. It was dismantled in October 1918, Barker  keeping the clock as a memento - although  he was asked to return it the following day.  Barker made a series of modifications to  B6313, in order to improve its combat  performance. The Clerget rotary engine's cooling system
William George Barker V.C. - Sopwith Camel
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was poor in the hotter Italian climate,  so several supplementary cooling  slots were cut into the cowling. The  poor upward visibility of the Camel  resulted in Barker cutting away  progressively larger portions of the  centre-section fabric. He also had a  rifle-type, notch and bead gun-sight  arrangement replace the standard  gun sight fitting. Barker returned to Canada in May  1919 as the most decorated Canadian of the war, with the Victoria Cross, the  Distinguished Service Order and Bar,  the Military Cross and two Bars, the  French Croix de guerre and two  Italian Silver Medals for Valour. He died on 12th March, 1930 near  Ottawa when he lost control of his  Fairchild KR-21 biplane trainer during  a demonstration flight for the RCAF, at Air Station Rockcliffe, near Ottawa,  Ontario, he was 35 years of age.
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