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Aussie Ace
The leading Australian  ace, Robert  Little flew  this aircraft for three  victories including a  victory over an  Halberstadt D.II as  depicted in the painting. Robert Little became  known in his squadron as  a crack marksman and a  skilled and daring pilot in the air. He  also  became known for his willingness to fly  extremely close to the enemy to take full  advantage of his marksmanship skills. By  May of 1918 Little had 47 victories to his  credit and was flying a  Sopwith Camel in  203 RAF. During this period the German bomber  formations were doing night raids along the  front upon allied airfields and the larger  German bombers were travelling to England  to unload their cargo of bombs. Many squadrons flew dusk and night patrols                
Robert Little - Sopwith Scout (Pup)
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to attack enemy bombers, Robert  Little was on such a patrol when he  attacked a Gotha bomber on the 27th of May 1918. A searchlight searching for the  bomber swung onto Little and blinded  him, the rear gunner of the Gotha  took the opportunity to fire at the  Camel and Little was hit in either the  stomach or both thighs. Little crash  landed near Noeux but by the time  his plane was found he had bled to  death. The next day a gendarme called  upon Major C Booker, Commander of  201 squadron and reported an Allied  machine had crashed nearby. Booker accompanied the gendarme to the  plane and was horrified to see his old  friend Robert Little dead. Robert  Alexander Little was buried in  Wavans cemetery and was survived  by a wife and child.  
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