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Another Trophy
               In this painting Manfred von Richthofen,  otherwise known as The Red Baron,  tackles an SE5A of the RFC in his Fokker  DR1 Triplane. Manfred von Richthofen was born on the  2nd of May 1892 and died 21st of April  1918, he is considered the ace-of-aces of  World War l, being officially credited with  80 air combat victories, more than any  other pilot. To commemorate his first official kill which 
The Red Baron - Fokker DR1 Triplane
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took place in September 17, 1916, he had a silver cup engraved with the  date of the kill and the type of plane  he shot down. This became a  tradition that he would continue  throughout his career, collecting 60 of them until silver became short in  supply. In addition to having these cups  made, he often took  parts from the  wreckage of  planes that he  shot down to  hang up in  his trophy  room  (pictured  upper  left).
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