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After The Storm
This particular B-17 is the "Nine-O-Nine"  of the 323rd Bomb Squadron, 91st Bomb  Group. Having completed 140 combat  missions "Nine-O-Nine" is believed to  hold the record for the most missions of  the Eighth Air Force, in addition to this, no crew members were ever lost. Having  survived the War, the aircraft is now  owned and flown by the Collings  Foundation, Stow, Massachusetts and  appears at many air shows.
Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress & North American P-51 Mustangs
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The title "After The Storm" not only  reflects the weather of the air show as  "Nine-O-Nine" waits following the  downpour of rain for her turn to fly, but  also reflects the old survivor as she is  now  "After The Storm" that was World  War Two. World War Two caused the creation of  many unique aircraft but the "Flying  Fortress" was the most photographed  heavy US bomber from 1939 through  to 1943. The B-17-C/D models were  flying before WW2 in significant  numbers and the E/F models started  the daylight bombing campaign in  England during the first two years of  the war. The 1943 documentary movie  "Memphis Belle" also helped gain this  aircraft wide recognition.   This painting was inspired by a  photograph by well known and  respected photographer Patrick Bunce  whose photo’s can be seen adorning  many a good aviation book. Patrick  was pleased with by this effort and now  has a print of this painting.
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