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A Breed Apart
The Battle of Britain is frequently  associated with the Spitfire, but the  Hurricane played a major role in this  battle. On August 8th, 1940, the RAF  could call on 32 squadrons of Hurricanes  and 19 squadrons of Spitfires.   
The Last Of The Many - Hurricane and Spitfire
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Therefore, the Hurricane was the  dominant British plane in this battle. Though slower than the Spitfire, the  Hurricane developed a reputation as a  plane that could take more than a few  hits from the Germans and continue to  fly. The Spitfire was a thoroughbred  horse; a superb fighter until it was  damaged. The Hurricane, though less graceful  and slower than the Spitfire, was more  a shire horse; incredibly strong and  capable of taking many hits before it  was taken out and loved by all who  flew it.  The Hurricane in this painting was the  last to be produced and aptly named  'The Last Of The Many'.
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